Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For The Sims 3 Exchange Serial Sims 3 Serial Code And Website Problems?

Sims 3 serial code and website problems? - for the sims 3 exchange serial

Ok, we have 3 sims in June and used to connect to be able to download and order on the site.

If I get in touch and I have a stock market simulator that makes me complete my file by code in my serial number.

But I did it before and now when I enter my serial code indicating that the code is invalid!

So, what do I need to now to a different e-mail account with a different address and when I tried my activation code, of course ... and when I wrote my serial number, which specifies that the serial number has already been used! !

Can someone help me please?
Or tell me if you have the same problem

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perfectv... said...

I know that the site has had problems lately. For a while, the forums are down, and I always told you that I change my password wrong, if I knew she was not entered.

If you were good before and now problems, give him time - or contact EA.

And yes, the registration code is already in use - for his original bill. Do not make a new account.

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